I was talking with my mom and I decided that I would spend the next year celebrating as many holidays and occurrences as possible. I think there are around 300 holidays a month!
My mom and I have always loved all the peculiar holidays and have had many laughs discussing them. I think this year will be a lot of fun but it will also require a lot of dedication, time, and it wont be without costs. I will give you once a week up dates once I get it started (Probably next month) and I will post daily journalings as often as possible. I have a feeling I will be rather busy.
I am home schooled which I believe will make this a whole heap easier, but also more challenging. Mom made an agreement with me... For this year I will use this as a lot of my school work. I will be writing reports on many of these days and I will be doing loads of research. I look forward to this coming year and I hope you will enjoy following my blog.
Feel free to post your comments along the way.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

April Fools day

Here's a great prank that will get any one upset with you! Tie a rubber band or hair tie around the sprayer handle on your sink. Aim it towards the front of the sink... the next time some one turns on the faucet they will get sprayed... It doesn't work on those newer faucets that have the sprayer on the faucet, and the faucet comes off.... those are so annoying! (I would not recommend doing this if you'll be in a hurry to get some where!) happy April Fools!
Here's a link on how to short sheet a bed. I've done this a lot in the past. It was always very fun. I remember I once did it when my little sister was VERY little and she was so short that she didn't realize I had done any thing!

It's also Humor Month! 

Fun day

Fun day.....hmmm... Well starting this adventure sure has made for a fun day! To celebrate National Fun day I'm starting this FUN adventure!...That counts right?

Sorry Charlie day

Sorry Charlie day is a day to basically a day to sit back and feel sorry for your self! So think of everything you may have missed out on, all the people who aren't completely kind to you, or every thing you've lost, and feel sorry that you've had to live with it.

I don't know how you could do this better than by having chocolate! So you could get a soft, smooth, and melty chocolate bar or you could make a nice cup of hot chocolate! here's a recipe to make it with milk on your stove:

In a pot mix together 3 tablespoons of unsweetened Cocoa,
6 tablespoons sugar, and 1 quart of milk. Put on stove until it's hot.
Stir continuously so that the milk wont burn.
(You can add some vanilla extract if you want)

Atheist day

Happy Atheist day!

Happy Palm Sunday

This is the unleavened bread I made for communion for our house church. I don't know if you can read it but it says "Happy Palm Sunday".
Mark 11:1-10
When they drew near Jerusalem, to Bethsphage and Bethany, at the Mount of Olives, He sent two of his disciples,and said to them, "Go your way into the village that is opposite you. Immediately as you enter into it, you will find a young donkey tied, on which no one has sat. Untie him, and bring him. If any one asks you, 'why are you doing this?' say, 'The lord needs him;' and immediately he will send him back here."
They went away, and found a young donkey tied at the door out wide in the open street, and they untied him. Some of those who stood there asked them, "what are you doing, untying the young donkey?" They said to them just as Jesus has said, and they let them go.hey brought the young donkey to Jesus, and threw their garments on it, and Jesus sat on it. many spread their garments on the way, and others were cutting down branches from the trees, and spreading them on the road. Those who went in front, and those who followed, cried out "Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Blessed is the kingdom on our father David that is coming in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!"
It's Palm Sunday.
A Palm branch.

International Tongue Twister day!

I have found this web site which has 524 tongue twisters on it!
I will post here just a few of them! Try saying these tree times fast!

She trust three thousand thistles through the thick of her thumb.

Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you! If you trouble trouble,
Triple trouble troubles you!

Whether the weather be fine
or whether the weather be not.
Weather the weather be cold
or whether the weather be hot.
We'll weather the weather
whether you like it or not

I do believe that last one is harder to type than to say!

US Air Force Academy day, National poetry month, and Poetry and Creative Mind day

For these three I decided to combine them. I wrote a poem about the Air Force Academy...now how geniousness is that?

It's Air Force Academy day,
I'm grateful for he role they play.
They train to protect our country,
To help us feel safe, and keep us free.
They train each day and learn to fight,
If the time's to come they'll do it right.
To fly the planes by heart they're taught,
I'm grateful for them an awful lot!

I'm not much of a poet but I gave it a shot!

Here's the air force song!

Library Snap Shot Day

Here's my first holiday! Now starts my crazy holiday adventure!
For Library Snap Shot Day I went over to interview the librarian at the Milton Mills Free Public Library. The librarian-Betsy-wasn't there so I interviewed Nancy who works there.
Nancy starts her day at the library by unlocking the doors, turning on the lights, and putting out the American flag and the open flag.
she then checks the drop box for books or movies to be returned, and sets the date stamp so the due-date stamped on books taken out is correct.
During her day at the library Nancy will check the bulletin board and make sure everything's up to date. She'll take down everything that may have gone by and put up any new announcements that there may be. She'll also empty the trash can if needed.
When people come into the library Nancy will put a tally mark on a chart so they know how many people are coming into the library and also whether they are children or adults.
I asked Nancy if there seems to be a preference in books. She said that a majority of the people take out fictional books.
There are four computers in the library for any one to use. people have to sign in to use them so that if any one has been waiting to use a computer some one can be "booted off" if they've all ready been on for half an hour. Though Nancy did say that that hardly never happens.
Inter library loans are only done by the librarian. If Betsy's not there some one will leave a note to Betsy asking if she can inter library loan a book or movie for them. When Betsy is able to she'll send out a request and if another library has the book/movie the will send it. When the book/movie arrives Betsy will call the person who requested it to let them know that it's there. If they don't pick it up within a certain time the book/movie will be sent back.
When closing time comes Nancy said she does basically the same thing she did to open-only backwards. The flags come down, the lights are turned off and she makes sure all doors are securely locked before she leaves.
There's a snap shot of a day at our library-that I can walk to in about 3 minutes!