I was talking with my mom and I decided that I would spend the next year celebrating as many holidays and occurrences as possible. I think there are around 300 holidays a month!
My mom and I have always loved all the peculiar holidays and have had many laughs discussing them. I think this year will be a lot of fun but it will also require a lot of dedication, time, and it wont be without costs. I will give you once a week up dates once I get it started (Probably next month) and I will post daily journalings as often as possible. I have a feeling I will be rather busy.
I am home schooled which I believe will make this a whole heap easier, but also more challenging. Mom made an agreement with me... For this year I will use this as a lot of my school work. I will be writing reports on many of these days and I will be doing loads of research. I look forward to this coming year and I hope you will enjoy following my blog.
Feel free to post your comments along the way.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tourette Syndrome Awareness month

      Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a Disorder in the brain that makes it so a person has tics. A tic is a sound or movement that the person with TS will do over and over.
      People get Tourette Syndrome either from problems developing in the womb of from genes passed down from a parent or other relative. TS is not contagious.
     TS is more common in Boys than Girls and People with is usually first have their tics when they are a child or in their teens. The tics will usually last about a year but can last longer. If the Tics do last longer it is called Chronic Tic Disorder.
     There isn't yet a cure for Tourette Syndrome, though there are medications that can help with the tics.  Though if a tic isn't severe and isn't interfering with a persons life the doctors wont put them on medication.
     Scientists are still learning about Tourette Syndrome, and eventually there will be a cure. This monthe be aware of Tourettes.

Paranormal day

My sister and I watched the Halloween special of A.N.T Farm: MutANT Farm. I didn't like it at all but Happy Paranormal day any way!!

National Egg month

I had scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast today, Happy Egg month!

April Monthlies

Now that may's here I've looked back at my April calendar, There are a bunch of monthly holidays that I forgot to post about. I'll Post about them now!

National Lawn and Garden Month
The flowers are blooming and the lawn is...Very long...
Any way, Here's some pictures of my favorite Garden area in our yard: 

 We have a cherry tree in our front yard and under it are all sorts of pretty flowers. The daffodils and tulips are mainly the only ones in bloom right now but later this summer there will be more.
 The tree it's self has just started blooming. The bumble bees love it and when the wind blows it looks like it's snowing! I love this tree!

National Card and Letter Writing Month
I sent my pen pals a lot of letters this month - and every month!
I also sent our Easter cards to a couple friends.

Keep America Beautiful Month
When we went to the beach to fly kites we made sure not to leave any trash at the beach, and we didn't leave anything behind... Try to keep america beautiful by picking up after your self!

Straw Hat Month
I have two straw hats and I wore both of them in April. I where one of them kind of often but the other one I usually leave in the closet! Happy not any more straw hat month!

National Decorating Month
We decorated for Easter in April. Mom bought a pretty garland thing, covered in fake eggs. It's very cute. We even put a little angel bunny on top of it! 

National Two Different Colored Shoes Day

Today I wore Two different Sandals (one black one brown). It was very uncomfortable cause the soles were different thicknesses. Happy Two different colored shoes day!
And again ballet messed with my holiday a bit. I had to wear my ballet shoes that are the same color...but as I said before, they are technically slippers!