I was talking with my mom and I decided that I would spend the next year celebrating as many holidays and occurrences as possible. I think there are around 300 holidays a month!
My mom and I have always loved all the peculiar holidays and have had many laughs discussing them. I think this year will be a lot of fun but it will also require a lot of dedication, time, and it wont be without costs. I will give you once a week up dates once I get it started (Probably next month) and I will post daily journalings as often as possible. I have a feeling I will be rather busy.
I am home schooled which I believe will make this a whole heap easier, but also more challenging. Mom made an agreement with me... For this year I will use this as a lot of my school work. I will be writing reports on many of these days and I will be doing loads of research. I look forward to this coming year and I hope you will enjoy following my blog.
Feel free to post your comments along the way.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Deep Dish Pizza Day

We made deep dish pizza today, then of course my brother comes home from work and says we did it wrong! So whether we did it or right or not we celebrated it by trying!
We don't actually have deep dish pizza pans so we just did it in a backing pan. YUM

National Fun at Work day and Laugh at Work Week

Mom, Dad, and I were dancing in the office today! And we were laughing too!
My parents own Abundant Blessings Homecare and the office is in our home...So it's not hard for us to have fun at work. I've noticed that there are a lot of work related holidays, helping mom with the marketing in the office and in our little shop (Barley Harvest) are really the closest things I have to work, So when those holidays come up that's what I'll use!
Happy National Fun at Work day; I hope you had fun at work!
Even the dog was....umm...wondering what on earth we were doing!

national D.A.R.E day

Drug Abuse Resistance Education is a program to help kids make good choices and say NO to drugs.
Today I went to the Police Department (bare foot!) to see if they had any thing on D.A.R.E. Norrene at the Police Department was very kind and helpful, she gave me a bunch of material on D.A.R.E to read and look over.
Norrene gave me a mini tour of the Police Department. She showed me the Booking room! She also introduced me to the Chief - Chief McGowan - and I met one of the officers.

Happy D.A.R.E day!

I saw this sign while we were out. I was in a moving car, and I got the picture while the sign was changing to show another message....so yes, it says "T INK BFF RE U RINK" But it did say "THINK BEFORE U DRINK"! I

One Day Without Shoes

I looked this up and found that it is done on different days in April around America...So I decided to just do it on all of them!
A Day Without Shoes is to help make people aware of all the Millions of children around the world who have to live life without shoes. People don't know what they have till it's gone.

If you want to participate further or learn more about this you can visit http://www.onedaywithoutshoes.com/. and here's a link for a great video you can watch that gives alot of information on it : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vlz3QKHJBac&feature=player_embedded#! I was trying to get the video to just be here but that didn't work!

Ok, I confess. I did where shoes once today. I had to make the exception for Ballet class. Can't dance without them, Though i do think they are technically slippers!

National Caramel day

There has been a couple holidays so far that I am more than happy to celebrate! Happy Caramel day!