I was talking with my mom and I decided that I would spend the next year celebrating as many holidays and occurrences as possible. I think there are around 300 holidays a month!
My mom and I have always loved all the peculiar holidays and have had many laughs discussing them. I think this year will be a lot of fun but it will also require a lot of dedication, time, and it wont be without costs. I will give you once a week up dates once I get it started (Probably next month) and I will post daily journalings as often as possible. I have a feeling I will be rather busy.
I am home schooled which I believe will make this a whole heap easier, but also more challenging. Mom made an agreement with me... For this year I will use this as a lot of my school work. I will be writing reports on many of these days and I will be doing loads of research. I look forward to this coming year and I hope you will enjoy following my blog.
Feel free to post your comments along the way.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Recess at work day

As I've said I don't really have a job. I've got my goats and I do some work for my parents busyness's so I did in a way have recess at work but I didn't really work, you followin me? I only worked for about an hour for my parents and I did my goats morning and evening... so in a way I did this one and in a way I didn't. I was thinking about this holiday while I wasn't doing anything so I think that counts....right?  

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